Your Act of Generosity,
Our Longevity


With planned giving, you can provide long-lasting support for the Georgia Baptist Foundation while also enjoying many financial benefits for yourself.

Sunday May 26, 2024

For Advisors

We value the relationship advisors have with their clients and within their church. We are excited that Georgia Baptist churches are blessed with so many financial advisors such as yourself. It is our desire to work alongside you so that you can better serve the needs of your church. It would also be our privilege to assist you as you advise clients who have a desire to bring about Gospel transformation. More
Charitable Tax Reference
Charitable Tax Reference
This tax reference provides detailed information related to the various issues involved in charitable gift planning. Through this resource, our desire is to help you better understand the various planned giving options available as well as how to use them to better serve your clients.
Deduction Calculator
Deduction Calculator
You may find these calculations helpful as you consult your clients on their charitable giving interests. Please note, these calculations are provided solely for educational purposes and are not professional tax or legal advice.
Advisor News
The following links will provide you with comprehensive information on current tax laws, charitable giving, and much more.
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